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  • Double Baguette Bypass Ring
    Double Baguette Bypass Couples Ring
    from (£177) £124
  • Baguette Men's Ring
    Baguette Men's Couples Ring
    from (£191) £134
  • Timeless Romance Ring
    Timeless Romance Ring
    from (£148) £104
  • Men's Timeless Romance Ring
    Men's Timeless Romance Ring
    from (£177) £124
  • Must Be Love Two Stone Ring
    Must Be Love Two Stone Ring
    from (£191) £134
  • Triple Stone Grooved Men's Ring
    Triple Stone Grooved Men's Couples Ring
    from (£212) £149
  • Engravable Bypass Ring with Princess Cut Gemstones and Accents
    Engravable Bypass Ring with Princess Cut Gemstones and Accents
    from (£177) £124
  • Leonidas Grooved Men's Ring
    Leonidas Grooved Men's Couples Ring
    from (£227) £159
  • Ridge Diagonal Peak Women's Ring
    Ridge Diagonal Peak Women's Couples Ring
    from (£141) £99
  • Ridge Diagonal Peak Men's Ring
    Ridge Diagonal Peak Men's Couples Ring
    from (£162) £114
  • Classic Claddagh Heart Cut Ring with Accents
    Classic Claddagh Heart Cut Couples Ring with Accents
    from (£212) £149
  • Men's Celtic Claddagh Band Ring
    Men's Celtic Claddagh Band Couples Ring
    from (£162) £114
  • Two-Stone Interwoven Infinity Ring
    Two-Stone Interwoven Infinity Ring
    from (£127) £75
  • Diadem Infinity Men's Ring
    Diadem Infinity Men's Couples Ring
    from (£177) £124
  • Double Celtic Gemstone Ring
    Double Celtic Gemstone Couples Ring
    from (£162) £114
  • Half Eternity Celtic Ring
    Half Eternity Celtic Couples Ring
    from (£148) £104
  • Round Stone Claddagh Ring
    Round Stone Claddagh Couples Ring
    from (£141) £99
  • Men's Classic Celtic Claddagh Ring
    Men's Classic Celtic Claddagh Ring
    from (£162) £114
  • Double Princess Cut Ring
    Double Princess Cut Couples Ring
    from (£212) £149
  • Crevice Grooved Square-shaped Gemstone Men's Ring
    Crevice Grooved Square-shaped Gemstone Men's Couples Ring
    from (£191) £134
  • Diadem Infinity Women's Ring
    Diadem Infinity Women's Couples Ring
    from (£141) £99
  • Classic Fish Men's Ring
    Classic Fish Men's Couples Ring
    from (£162) £114
  • Crevice Grooved Women's Ring
    Crevice Grooved Women's Couples Ring
    from (£148) £104
  • Cache Square-shaped Gemstone Men's Ring
    Cache Square-shaped Gemstone Men's Couples Ring
    from (£212) £149
  • Menelaus Bevelled Women's Ring
    Menelaus Bevelled Women's Couples Ring
    from (£141) £99
  • Titus Grooved Men's Ring
    Titus Grooved Men's Couples Ring
    from (£148) £104
  • Fancy Celtic Ring
    Fancy Celtic Couples Ring
    from (£141) £99
  • Celtic Wreath Men's Ring
    Celtic Wreath Men's Couples Ring
    from (£162) £114
  • Apollo Women's Ring
    Apollo Women's Couples Ring
    from (£141) £99
  • Apollo Men's Ring
    Apollo Men's Couples Ring
    from (£148) £104
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Couples Rings

Couples rings are a relatively new way for couples to express their love and commitment for one another. Having begun only recently, the adoption of this ring into the dating and romance culture is growing year after year, as young lovers look to bridge the gap between the whimsy of youth and the serious commitments that come with adulthood.

A couples ring acts as a pre-engagement or "promise" ring and has diverse symbolism associated with it. A couples ring typically represents a commitment to a monogamous relationship and a trusting partnership, and is a step towards getting engaged in the future. Many young people are waiting until later in life to get engaged or married because of poor job prospects in a recovering economy. Young people are meeting the person that they want to settle down with before they're really ready to settle down.

Couples rings aren't yet a part of mainstream courtship traditions and they can carry a wide variety of meanings for couples that use them. Before you agree to get couples rings with your partner, or before presenting your partner with a couples ring, you should think carefully about what you want it to represent. Hopefully, your partner will agree with you on what a couples ring should mean in the context of your relationship. With this type of ring, you have plenty of leeway to attribute the meaning you want to this special piece of jewellery.

A couples ring can symbolize friendship as well; it doesn't have to mean that you're planning to get married. Sometimes close friends exchange rings when one of them is moving away, symbolizing that the friendship is meant to endure their separation. Couples rings can symbolize purity or chastity, a promise to stay sexually abstinent until marriage. Sometimes, couples rings are exchanged in same-sex relationships where marriage is impossible. This is done in lieu of an actual wedding ring.

With more young people delaying adulthood while they search for better jobs and greater career or personal stability, couples rings are a great way to show commitment to somebody special until you're ready for the bigger steps of engagement and marriage.

Featured Couple's Rings

Diadem Infinity Rings for Men and Women

The diadem, like a crown, is a symbol of royalty. Interwoven bands of infinity encompassed by two solid bands give this ring a wreath-like appearance. Spoil the king or queen in your life by personalising the Diadem Infinity Rings with an engraving and metal of your choice.


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