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  • She Graduated! Charm
    She Graduated! Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Graduation Cap Charm
    Graduation Cap Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • He Graduated! Charm
    He Graduated! Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Graduate Cap Charm
    Graduate Cap Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Beautiful Blossom Caged Charm
    Beautiful Blossom Caged Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • Proud Graduate Charm
    Proud Graduate Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Circle of Hearts Charm
    Circle of Hearts Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Happy Boy Charm
    Happy Boy Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Happy Girl Charm
    Happy Girl Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • All Caged Up Charm
    All Caged Up Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Infinity Locks with Stones Charm
    Infinity Locks with Stones Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • Raise Your Champagne Flute Charm
    Raise Your Champagne Flute Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Dance With Me Charm
    Dance With Me Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Barrel of Fun Charm
    Barrel of Fun Charm
    from (£205) £144
  • Geometrical Art Charm
    Geometrical Art Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Bowrific Charm
    Bowrific Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Clean Lines Charm
    Clean Lines Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Gear Up Charm
    Gear Up Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • My Man Charm
    My Man Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Cut Out Floating Heart Charm
    Cut Out Floating Heart Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Portal Escapes Charm
    Portal Escapes Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Hearts Aligned Charm For You
    Hearts Aligned Charm For You
    from (£98) £69
  • Infinite Dreams Charm
    Infinite Dreams Charm
    from (£84) £59
  • Even Keel Charm
    Even Keel Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Sound of Love Charm
    Sound of Love Charm
    from (£148) £104
  • House of Love Charm
    House of Love Charm
    from (£141) £99
  • Scholarly Owl Caged Charm
    Scholarly Owl Caged Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Bright Idea Charm
    Bright Idea Charm
    from (£148) £104
  • Imperial Deluxe Charm
    Imperial Deluxe Charm
    from (£241) £169
  • Key to Happiness Charm
    Key to Happiness Charm
    from (£112) £79
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Graduation Charms

Charms are a delightfully playful way to commemorate an occasion, or to celebrate a person in your life. By continuously adding small mementos to a bracelet over the years, each charm serves as a reminder and marker of a major life event. From deeply important muments such as having a first baby, to more playful muments like getting your first puppy, you'll be able to celebrate and mark the event with a unique charm. Start off now by examining the wide selection of beautifully crafted and designed charm pendants. Each pendant comes in your choice of sterling silver or white or yellow 9K-14K gold to match the mood of the occasion. As well, some have the option to have unique gemstones embedded for a particularly stunning effect. Choose your intended recipient's birthstone or reach higher levels of elegance with simulated emeralds and sapphires. Suddenly a simple bracelet becomes a major piece of jewellery with the addition of the valuable extras.

The beauty of charms is that they are a gift that continually renews. You'll never be stuck for a birthday gift idea because you'll always have the option to add a simple or extravagant charm. These are the perfect item to start your kids off collecting and commemorating their life's journey. Charms come in a variety of styles and designs that describe a wide range of activities that are suitable for both young girls and boys. Over time, the charms become a diary of a child's life and one can easily see how this diary will be passed down through the generations. Some choices may include the "Awareness Ribbon Charm," which is a beautifully simple charm in the shape of a ribbon. You then can choose the type of coloured gem in order to demonstrate your support for a specific cause. Another quirky choice is the "Teddy Bear Charm," which is a fun way to start off any child's collection. The Teddy Bear sits neatly on any surface and holds a gemstone in its tummy. To finish off the gift, you can include a personalised engraving in order to send a message to your loved one that he or she will read for years to come.


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