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  • Happy Girl Charm
    Happy Girl Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • A Mother's Love Caged Charm
    A Mother's Love Caged Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • My Man Charm
    My Man Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Baby Steps Charm
    Baby Steps Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Circle of Hearts Charm
    Circle of Hearts Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Double Heart Nest Charm
    Double Heart Nest Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Happy Boy Charm
    Happy Boy Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Beautiful Blossom Caged Charm
    Beautiful Blossom Caged Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • Wing With Stones Charm
    Wing With Stones Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • My Teddy Bear Charm
    My Teddy Bear Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Protection Hamsa Charm
    Protection Hamsa Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Heart Quintet Charm
    Heart Quintet Charm
    from (£141) £99
  • House of Love Charm
    House of Love Charm
    from (£141) £99
  • MOM Charm
    MOM Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Say it with Flowers Charm
    Say it with Flowers Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • Double Cut Out Floating Hearts Charm
    Double Cut Out Floating Hearts Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Perfect Woman Charm
    Perfect Woman Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Spinning Wheel Charm
    Spinning Wheel Charm
    from (£177) £124
  • Infinity Locks with Stones Charm
    Infinity Locks with Stones Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • XOXO Forever Charm
    XOXO Forever Charm
    from (£84) £59
  • Imperial Charm
    Imperial Charm
    from (£205) £144
  • Imperial Deluxe Charm
    Imperial Deluxe Charm
    from (£241) £169
  • Barrel of Fun Charm
    Barrel of Fun Charm
    from (£205) £144
  • Seven Chakras Charm
    Seven Chakras Charm
    from (£141) £99
  • Divine Padma Lotus Charm
    Divine Padma Lotus Charm
    from (£127) £89
  • Flower Power Charm
    Flower Power Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Anchor With Round Stone Charm
    Anchor With Round Stone Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Planetary Alignment Charm
    Planetary Alignment Charm
    from (£112) £79
  • Portal Escapes Charm
    Portal Escapes Charm
    from (£98) £69
  • Zen Charm
    Zen Charm
    from (£162) £114
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Mother's Charms (Charms for Mums)

A mother's charm is the perfect gift for any mum. You are in complete control of the look, the style, and the budget of your charm. It won’t be hard to find something that not only looks great on her, but also carries with it a lot of meaning that will score you points with the receiver of the gift for years to come. Whether you’re buying a mother’s charm for your own mother, another relative who is a mum, your partner, or a friend, every time she wears your charm, she'll think of you and the care that went into selecting it for her, and she'll be happy, proud, and touched.

Choosing a mother's charm is simple. First, choose the bracelet style. Select both the design of the bracelet and the metal that you would like. There is a variety of options, including silver, 9k gold, 14k gold, white gold, and more, so you will be certain to find something great to give to Mum within your price range.

The next step is finding a charm that works for you and your mum. There are so many different charms that you’ll have a wide selection and should be able to find the perfect charm, whether you want something funny, meaningful, or just nice to look at. Top the design off with some well-matched stones to make it really stand out. You can choose stones that have a nice colour to them, or get sentimental by choosing birth stones, either your mum's or those of people in your family.

Finally, top the whole present off by having the charm engraved. Have names, initials, or even special dates engraved on the charm to put in that extra effort and really show that you've thought this gift through and it carries a lot of meaning. Engraving the charm is an easy way to tie everything together and make this charm an heirloom item that can be cherished for years to come.

A customised mother's charm is a beautiful gift to give to any mum, whether a new mum or an experienced mum, whether for mother's day, for the mother of the bride, or just because! No matter what the occasion, say it with a charm.

Featured Charm

We are featuring the Awareness Ribbon charm in support of October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Awareness Ribbon

The meaning behind the Awareness Charms depends on its colour. Adorn this charm with October's birthstone, Pink Tourmaline - and demonstrate your support for Breast Cancer Awareness.


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