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Leaves of Love

Infused with the beauty of nature, our collection of rings and pendants are the perfect tribute to family and love.

Leaves of Love

Leaves are a symbol of life, growth and new beginning. In addition to adding colour and vibrancy to the world around us, these unique and ever-changing leaves highlight the beauty of being one-of-a-kind. Inspired by the elegant intricacies of elm, lilac and mint leaves, each piece in the Leaves of Love collection makes a truly special and meaningful gift.

Elm Enchantment


The elm tree represents meaningful connections and the deep roots of family and love. The elm is a symbol of wisdom, intuition and inner strength - three things that develop with the nurture and care of those we love. Celebrate your mother, sister, family members or friends with a beautiful elm-inspired ring or pendant from the collection. The leaf can be filled with sparkling birthstones to represent your loved ones, so the strength of your family can shine from within.


Mint to Be

Mint to be

While cherished for their fresh and invigorating scent, mint leaves have much more to offer than just an inviting aroma. Mint leaves are a symbol of protection, prosperity and luck, and are believed to bestow lasting wealth and gift of potential, possibility and best wishes for someone you love. Personalise your favourite mint pieces with birthstones or Mint Swarovski Zirconias for a fresh, fashionable finish.


Lilac of Love


Soft, sweet and feminine, lilac leaf jewellery will make a special addition to anyone's jewellery collection. With pretty heart-shaped leaves, the lilac is thought to have a strong connection to new love and blossoming romance. The lilac leaf also symbolizes honesty, trust and self-expression, which makes it a great gift for someone embarking on a new journey or new chapter in their lives. Your lilac leaf jewellery can be personalised with colourful gems and the metal of your choice to create something both beautiful and unique.


With the option to personalise the jewellery with your choice of metal and sparkling birthstone, it's easy to create an unforgettable gift for every occasion.

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